We are just getting started!

Thanks for taking the time to come on over. I just announced this site a little over an hour ago via my real estate podcast and I am already seeing visitors! Thanks for the support!

First, let me share my goal here. Like many, I have seen most Americans forget some of our true history. Discussions dissolve into an us vs. them, left vs. right dynamic that gets nothing done. I want to discuss how our government works, what it does and how that is or is not guided by our constitution and laws. As Americans, we have all forgotten so much, it is worth taking the time to re-think where we are and what we are doing. With your help, I want to do that.

So my plan is to start a new show and blog. My old blog over at therebelbroker.com will continue to focus on real estate and what is going on in that arena. However, all the non-real estate related topics over there, will move over here. I feel like I have some value to offer in both areas, but keeping them separate just ‘feels’ right.

I really want there to be a free expression of ideas here. I plan on implementing ways for folks to participate in the conversations in a productive way. I am looking forward to what we can teach each other!

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