China innovates in state executions

Chinas "Death Bus"

Nothing is more surprising in todays world than the general global embrace of China as “The way of the future”. Their “State Capitalism” (IE: National Socialism) is pointed to by many pundits – including those here in America – as the way forward. Few things are more important in todays world than seeing China for what it is – an oppressive totalitarian regime. I have always found it interesting that companies in the United States manufacture their products in a country that would not even allow those companies to exist if they had their way.

So lets start our exploration of China with what many have come to call “The Murder Bus”. You see, China deals with those who oppose them by killing them. Whether it is tanks in Tiananmen Square, selling inmates organs or just good old censorship, China should not stand as an example to emulate in ANYTHING. Of course, in a world where China sells slave labor to the world, those pesky cameras capturing the executions of political dissidents can be so inconvenient. So the Chinese government comes up with – The Murder Bus! If you are in a googling mood, they also call it the “Death Car” or the “Mobile Execution Unit”. What is best is that this makes the site of execution mobile so that journalists or human rights folks can’t just head over to the area of the local prison to capture state executions on film. Now, the state can just send one of these buses out to the person to be killed. This more decentralized murder concept keeps prying eyes from being able to catch a glimpse of the state murder process. So efficient!

Lets get a first hand account of the “Murder Bus” in action

But wait! There’s more! Just when you thought that the execution of all your political enemies could not get any easier, the Chinese government stepped in and killed two… thats TWO birds with one stone! That’s right, the murder bus is also an organ harvesting bus! Once the offender has been murdered, they can go to work right away in the built in surgery suite included in the bus to harvest those organs! Waste not, want not I always say and why deny that state a source of income when you can just pull those organs out and sell them for big money on the internet!

Here are a few articles from the net. You can do your own google search. Lots to see.

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