China gets lazy with their lying

As if we needed any more examples of what happens when the government controls the media and all means of communication. China, famous for their willingness to lie, censor and misinform has demonstrated that despite their decades of practice at lying, they still have some things to learn. Perhaps it is just laziness. After all, it must be trying to be the poor communist editor at China Central Television tasked with putting together another false story. Now this one appears to be a fluff piece designed to demonstrate the Chinese militarys mighty hand at swatting the Jackals out of the air (Jackals is how they refer to Americans in that wonderful tune, “My Motherland” played at the White House a few days back.) Continue reading for all the details.

So as the story goes, the Chinese air force was engaging in training exercises on January 23. Check out the images below to see just how AWESOME these Chinese pilots are! Screenshots of the broadcast are on the left, the corresponding scene from Top Gun is on the right.

Clearly, the exact same aircraft. This is an American made F-5.

Even the pieces are identical.

At least America has broadened the benefit it derives from China. Up till now, all we were getting is PILES of borrowed money and lots of slave labor! But now we are going to get royalties from their propaganda department for the use of our Hollywood blockbusters… right? Right?!?!



MITBBS(In Chinese)

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