China Continues Torture for Confessions

China is frequently mentioned when the various pundits talk about who we should be trying to emulate for the future. Frankly, there is nothing to learn from China, other than how NOT to run a country. No matter what “benefit” you might want to list, there is a cost to that benefit which completely negates it. Human Rights Watch has exposed the brutality and dishonesty of China.

In a recent report from Human Rights Watch, it was found that China does not even follow up on its promises when it comes to the most basic commitments regarding their totalitarian policies.

In this case, the topic was extracting confessions from prisoners using torture. This is not even a gray area where some might claim that the techniques used are coercion but not torture. There can be no doubt that beatings and drugs that cause eyes and ears to bleed take a giant leap over whatever line one might see separating questioning from torture.

This is what happens when a state holds too much power. The one thing you can count on is that any authority given to the state will eventually be abused by that state. China is just one example of that dynamic. With Chinese President Hu Jintao preparing to visit Washington for negotiations on various issues, it will be important for all Americans to keep in mind the true nature of Chinas political policies and its willingness to violate its own promises.

Of course, China is not alone in its ability to demonstrate just how horrible communist and socialist policies are. There are a number of sources for exploring the bloody history of atrocities committed by these totalitarian regimes. One such work is “The black book of communism”.

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