Silence In the House of Representative Speaks Louder Then The Message

Seven term U.S. Representative from New York Rep. Joe Crowley, D-NY during the budget debate let us know how he feels about the first 100 days of the GOP being in the majority. Rep. Crowley used a written message to communicate his message, instead of speaking the words.

This video is likely soon to go viral, as it is novel and hits the common Democratic speaking points, attacking the GOP, taxes, health care, women and unemployment/jobs.

The beauty of this method of communicating is the viewer gets to think about what is being said in a more mindful way. This viewer wondered what Mr. Crowley had done to increase employment in the last 100 days and what the GOP had done to increase employment in the last 100 days.

Clearly there is power in silence, which any Quaker will tell you. It’s too bad that Mr. Crowley didn’t use this for a more meaningful message, because it is unlikely that this will work more then this one time.

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