Keynes vs Hayek economic theory rap

I will let the videos speak for themselves. I discovered the first video here a while back. Round two was posted in April of this year. For those who want to understand why Keynes got it wrong and Hayek got it right, here are the videos for your consideration. For those who have not paid attention to this stuff at all, going back to before the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, Keynes has been the guy everyone has listened too. So this is not just about understanding the theories, but then realizing we have to get our government to realize that Keynes just got it wrong.

Here is the first go around. Enjoy.

Here we go with part 2.

All in all, I think I may have learned more about Hayek and Keynes with these two videos than I did in two years of college economics. If you are left wanting more details, check out the books in the reading room for some great ways to get all the details.

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