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Todays Yahoo poll needs more options.

My fellow Americans, times are tough. I have not been posting here as frequently as I would like and that apathy, along with the apathy of millions of other Americans, is part and parcel of how Obama was re-elected. Like any good conservative, I am ready to stand up and claim my fair share for what has gotten us where we are. I had too much faith in the general population being able to see things for what they are. Sadly, it seems that instead we must grab the collective head of the nation and shove its nose in the truth and make sure they know what is before them.

For the folks I happened to cross paths with, I would point out all the reasons why I was not going to vote for Obama. Strangely enough, none of them had to do with the color of his skin.

I have been trying to come up with a personal plan on how I was going to carry on from here. I am still working on it. In my random wanderings today, I came across the poll on Here is a screen shot of the question:

My first thought was that there are simply not enough options in this poll. My next thought was that the GOP has their collective head entirely buried in their own rectums. Of course, we are used to this posture from Democrats, but seeing our entire political spectrum assuming this position is not comforting.

Why do I say that? Because what the GOP is doing is a complete departure from the core principles of what it means to be a conservative. When I hear the term “Illegal Immigrant” the part of that phrase that makes me angry is NOT “Immigrant”.  We are a nation of immigrants for God sake. But if you start your relationship with this country by breaking the law, you deserve to have your ass kicked out as quickly as our little border patrol vans can carry you.

So lets revisit that poll. Have the GOP had a change of heart? No, they have abandoned conservative principles. They have sold their political souls to a system that has proven only that it cannot sustain the republic. The GOP needs to be a real alternative to the party of Democrats.

The truth is that with the re-election we have only guaranteed one thing. That now more than ever, we need a party that completely embraces what being a conservative constitutionalist really means. Why? This nation is about to be tempered. Just like steel, we are about to be put under a great amount of heat and stress. Like steel, this purification by fire and stress should make us stronger. I suppose we could have guessed that this is the way things would have to play out. The majority of Americans today seem unable or unwilling to grasp what we face by reading and educating themselves. They only understand what they experience. For too long, that experience has only reinforced how wonderful they are in spite of low achievement. How great they are because they showed up. Well, I have news for you. For those of us that understand history and what comes when a nation slouches further and further toward socialism is that liberty is lost and people suffer and die – en masse.

So I am not longer going to equivocate or “agree to disagree” there are simply too many facts on the side of the constitution, smaller government and liberty to entertain the corrupt and discredited systems of big government.

So as we move forward, let add our own options to that poll. Lets stop taking what they give us and redefine our options through what we demand from our elected officials.

Change is coming, in fact two changes are coming. Like any drug addict, we will continue to shove the needle of government into our arms until we hit rock bottom. That bottom is not yet here but will be that first big change. The second big change will be how we react. To be ready to react to that with renewed freedom and liberty, we must take our duty to educate our fellow Americans serious. Only by doing this will they have the tools to understand the failure of Obamas policies and see the path our founders originally followed.

I hope you are ready. Hell, I hope I am ready.

Freedom: If you’re not giving or taking offense regularly, you’re not doing it right.

It is hard to go more than a day or two without hearing someone either complaining about being offended or someone else tripping over themselves to stop doing something for fear of offending.

STOP IT! Go out and offend! The bottom line is that we should all be very concerned when suddenly the world of public discourse does not include ideas that offend a pretty good chunk of people. In fact, one of the best measures of our freedoms being well used is the fact that people are being offended.

While many seem to believe that our Bill of Rights and Constitution were written, in part, with the intent of preventing us from being offended, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is the complete opposite that is true. One of the things our founding documents were designed to insure was our right to offend whoever we like – with no impact on our rights.

However, this does not mean that offending carries no responsibility. If you offend, it is the right of others to decide how they will treat you. While the government cannot take away any of your rights because you have offended, if you offend me, I am free to not associate with you. That could mean not using your services or buying your products. Any punishment for any offense you might give or take falls to the community in which you live. As it should be.

What is most important here is that as long as your opinions are informed and considered, you are likely to offend far fewer than you will impress. Of course, the opposite is also true. The stupid among us will quickly find that when they offend, they offend far more than they win over. What could be better to help encourage the stupid to become less so than the vast majority of their community expressing to them exactly how stupid they are? So giving and taking offense can combat stupidity and even provide a sort of self correcting mechanism in the world of political discourse.

So get informed, consider some thoughts and go out and offend.

New contributor!

I wanted to take a minute to welcome a new contributor to The Unforgotten American!

R.F. Noyes will be contributing to the ongoing exploration of current events and politics. As the Editor here at The Unforgotten American, I am excited to see what R.F. has to share with us.

Are you interested in becoming a contributor on The Unforgotten American? If so, get in touch with me and we can talk about how you would like to participate!