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Oops! China accidentally reveals their cyber attacks on US institutions

This is classic. In a short six second roll of video, the Chinese systematic plan of cyber attack on US institutions is revealed. You can find all the details at Epoch Times.

China proves their status as a “Favored Nation” trading partner by ignoring counterfeit parts

Once again we see what a great and reliable ally China is. You can read the story for yourself over at The Washington Times. The short version is that the government of China is refusing to cooperate with the United States Senate in its investigation into Chinese companies that sale fake parts that have ended up in high-tech United States weapons systems.

Just to be clear, a “fake part” can translate into a vital piece of equipment not just failing to do its job, but also putting the well being of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines at risk when they need their gear to work its best – in combat.

Just one more reason to wake up to the fact that China is not our friend.

Source : The Washington Times Story

More reasons not to be like China

You know what they say, China is the future! Well if this is an example of the future, we need to work know to prevent it!

To set the stage just a bit, an Australian news crew went to China to look for underground churches. That should be enough right there…. the fact that churches have to exist underground in China. It gets better. While doing their research, they notice something funny – and the film it! Enjoy.

China continues to show its true colors by arresting artist Ai Weiwei

China is evil. In fact, I would argue that it is nearly the purest form of it. It does what true evil has always done. It cloaks itself in a way that it appears attractive to some. In our world, it extends a hand and a smile as it facilitates the near slave labor of its people. It prevents a too critical eye from being turned toward it by having deep financial ties with countries that should be treating it like the grotesque leper that it is. While some within our own government try to convince us we should be more like China, the realities reveal that nothing could be further from the truth.

China has kidnapped one of its artists for not towing the government line. His name is Ai WeiWei, and here is an interesting look into this man who was able to smuggle out a video discussing some of what he faces in China. Note how the TED person that introduces his video goes out of his way to not offend China – a country which profoundly deserves some offending.

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China and USA’s citizens are their greatest resource, for different reasons

I have been thinking lately about what really makes a nation great. With the recent visit of the President of China, and the popular opinion that we should try to be more like them, my thinking tended to lean more toward the differences between China and the United States. It occurred to me that the things that have made the United States great and what has recently made China great, are the same thing. Their citizens.

However, the two nations have benefited from their citizens in completely different ways. This has much bigger implications when you consider the political environments involved.

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