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China gets lazy with their lying

As if we needed any more examples of what happens when the government controls the media and all means of communication. China, famous for their willingness to lie, censor and misinform has demonstrated that despite their decades of practice at lying, they still have some things to learn. Perhaps it is just laziness. After all, it must be trying to be the poor communist editor at China Central Television tasked with putting together another false story. Now this one appears to be a fluff piece designed to demonstrate the Chinese militarys mighty hand at swatting the Jackals out of the air (Jackals is how they refer to Americans in that wonderful tune, “My Motherland” played at the White House a few days back.) Continue reading for all the details.

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China Continues Torture for Confessions

China is frequently mentioned when the various pundits talk about who we should be trying to emulate for the future. Frankly, there is nothing to learn from China, other than how NOT to run a country. No matter what “benefit” you might want to list, there is a cost to that benefit which completely negates it. Human Rights Watch has exposed the brutality and dishonesty of China.

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China innovates in state executions

Chinas "Death Bus"

Nothing is more surprising in todays world than the general global embrace of China as “The way of the future”. Their “State Capitalism” (IE: National Socialism) is pointed to by many pundits – including those here in America – as the way forward. Few things are more important in todays world than seeing China for what it is – an oppressive totalitarian regime. I have always found it interesting that companies in the United States manufacture their products in a country that would not even allow those companies to exist if they had their way.

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