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Stop thinking R and D and start thinking Free or Less Free

As so often seems to be the case, we find ourselves again wrestling with things that our founding fathers warned us about. In their day, they referred to them as “Factions”, but we know them as political parties. However, buying into our political parties in the same way that we root for our favorite football or baseball team is inherently self defeating.

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Silence In the House of Representative Speaks Louder Then The Message

Seven term U.S. Representative from New York Rep. Joe Crowley, D-NY during the budget debate let us know how he feels about the first 100 days of the GOP being in the majority. Rep. Crowley used a written message to communicate his message, instead of speaking the words.

This video is likely soon to go viral, as it is novel and hits the common Democratic speaking points, attacking the GOP, taxes, health care, women and unemployment/jobs.

The beauty of this method of communicating is the viewer gets to think about what is being said in a more mindful way. This viewer wondered what Mr. Crowley had done to increase employment in the last 100 days and what the GOP had done to increase employment in the last 100 days.

Clearly there is power in silence, which any Quaker will tell you. It’s too bad that Mr. Crowley didn’t use this for a more meaningful message, because it is unlikely that this will work more then this one time.

Rep. Paul Ryan on the debt

Rep. Paul Ryan (R – Wisconsin) has created a video where he spells out his take on our budget and what needs to happen to bring back fiscal responsibility. The numbers he shares are a shocker.

Also worth your time is Rep. Ryans response to some critics on April 5th.
His response is encouraging. If we can get members of congress more concerned with the work that must be done than worrying about re-election, we will all be better off.

Ann Barnhardt schools Lindsey Graham on free speech.

Lindsey Graham needs a refresher on the concept of free speech. At least, Ann Barnhardt is pretty sure he does!  Frankly, I have to agree with her on that point.

While Ann wants to stand “four square” with the Koran burners, I prefer to offer my support in the form of the phrase  “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” I believe burning a Koran to be stupid and a very poor way to make a point, but I support someones right to do so. It does not break my leg, or pick my pocket.

Take the 9 minutes and 36 seconds to listen to Ann’s examination of Lindsey Grahams less than knowledgable grasp on our First Amendment to the Constitution.

Senator Lindsey Graham, R - South Carolina. Our very first "Asshat Of The Week!"

Lindsey could stand to learn a few things from Ann. Perhaps his first step should be to pick up the cliff notes on that document he swore to protect and uphold… The United States Constitution.

Before you start singing Anns’ praises, you might want to check out the rest of her videos.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce a weekly effort here at The Unforgotten American! That is the Asshat Of The Week!  Each week we will award to some lucky person this prestigious distinction. This weeks winner of course, Lindsey Graham!

Interesting to note here that in coming up with our first winner of the Asshat Of The Week award, I very nearly awarded it to Ann for a completely different set of reasons! Bu then, there is always next week!

Healthcare: “How much we spend, will be decided by the government”

Remember, when Congressman Jim McDermott (D- Washington) says, “How much we spend, will be decided by government” is equivalent to saying “The government will decide when your treatment is too expensive or when care should be curtailed or if you really need that operation or not.”

Play the video for his own words:

The rest of his story does not pass the sniff test for anyone who has actually used our medical system. If the government feels this strongly about the practices he describes, feel free to see your duty to inform the public. Taking over healthcare is not the solution.