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“Happy Clappy” Democracy for Egypt?

An AMAZING exchange on MSNBC. Just play the video. This is a perfect punctuation piece to our last story on Egypt and Democracy. The commentary here from Harvards Niall Furguson lays it all out plainly and completely. It seems to leave the Morning Joe crew a but speechless.

For those who are unaware, Niall Furguson is on the list of the worlds most respected historians. If you would like to explore some of his work, you can find it on Amazon here.

Egypt and Democracy

I really want all our hopes and dreams on the revolution in Egypt to come true. I would love for them to discover and earn freedom. Sadly, judging by the most influential players, this revolution has very little to do with what we as Americans understand as “Democracy”. We can save for another time a more in-depth discussion of what Democracy really is. For now, lets focus on some basics and see how it all applies to the real situation on the ground in Egypt.

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