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Veronique de Rugy talks deficit and debt myths

Bloomberg had Veronique de Rugy in to discuss the United States economy and she spent some time debunking many of the deficit and debt myths out there. Take a look.

Healthcare: “How much we spend, will be decided by the government”

Remember, when Congressman Jim McDermott (D- Washington) says, “How much we spend, will be decided by government” is equivalent to saying “The government will decide when your treatment is too expensive or when care should be curtailed or if you really need that operation or not.”

Play the video for his own words:

The rest of his story does not pass the sniff test for anyone who has actually used our medical system. If the government feels this strongly about the practices he describes, feel free to see your duty to inform the public. Taking over healthcare is not the solution.

Corporate taxes: How 60 Minutes missed their own point

The most recent edition of 60 Minutes included a segment they called “The new tax havens”. So as the segment begins, we are introduced to the representative of the town of Zug,Switzerland. This is the new haven that is taxing corporations at a rate of only 15-16%. All a corporation has to do is move its world headquarters to Zug and they can begin to enjoy lower taxes. It is interesting to keep your eyes on how this situation is being characterized. The segment really does speak for itself. To its credit, it does give you all the information you need to come to the right conclusions. Sadly, the folks at 60 Minutes seem to miss it. Read the full analysis after the video.

You can find the entire segment below.


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A “Sobering” look at the United States Budget

For those of you that have had a tough time wrapping your head around the deep, dark, bottomless abyss that is American budget worries – fear not! Jack Daniels and 1000Pennies has come to the rescue with a very visual and inebriating demonstration of just how monumentally screwed we really are if we don’t get a handle on our national debt habit. Continue reading for the video.

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