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Silence In the House of Representative Speaks Louder Then The Message

Seven term U.S. Representative from New York Rep. Joe Crowley, D-NY during the budget debate let us know how he feels about the first 100 days of the GOP being in the majority. Rep. Crowley used a written message to communicate his message, instead of speaking the words.

This video is likely soon to go viral, as it is novel and hits the common Democratic speaking points, attacking the GOP, taxes, health care, women and unemployment/jobs.

The beauty of this method of communicating is the viewer gets to think about what is being said in a more mindful way. This viewer wondered what Mr. Crowley had done to increase employment in the last 100 days and what the GOP had done to increase employment in the last 100 days.

Clearly there is power in silence, which any Quaker will tell you. It’s too bad that Mr. Crowley didn’t use this for a more meaningful message, because it is unlikely that this will work more then this one time.

China continues to show its true colors by arresting artist Ai Weiwei

China is evil. In fact, I would argue that it is nearly the purest form of it. It does what true evil has always done. It cloaks itself in a way that it appears attractive to some. In our world, it extends a hand and a smile as it facilitates the near slave labor of its people. It prevents a too critical eye from being turned toward it by having deep financial ties with countries that should be treating it like the grotesque leper that it is. While some within our own government try to convince us we should be more like China, the realities reveal that nothing could be further from the truth.

China has kidnapped one of its artists for not towing the government line. His name is Ai WeiWei, and here is an interesting look into this man who was able to smuggle out a video discussing some of what he faces in China. Note how the TED person that introduces his video goes out of his way to not offend China – a country which profoundly deserves some offending.

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Van Jones and real justice

Over on, I came across a snippet from a speech that Van Jones recently made. I found what he said interesting. Here is the clip:

It is interesting that he first seems to believe that the concept of Justice does not play a central part in what motivates many of us who stand for smaller government, more responsible economic policy and less government handouts, regulations and controls.

On the contrary, Justice is at the heart of what we believe. Mr. Jones however, seems to believe in some sort of croney justice. According to him, each little group deserves their own justice. Blacks, Native Americans, Gays, etc. all seem to need some “Special” justice. ┬áSo yes Mr. Jones. Given that as your definition of justice, we don’t believe in it.

What we believe in is true Justice. The kind of Justice that comes from laws that apply to all people equally. Whether you are a bricklayer or a senator – you get equal Justice under the law. Rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight – ALL enjoy EQUAL justice.

What Mr. Jones seems to believe in is some perversion of “Justice” where it becomes a tool of cronyism and manipulation. He can have it.

Does anyone want to live in a system where an act can be considered just for one group but not for another? Can you imagine the despotism that would flourish under such “Justice”?

Apparently there is a room full of people somewhere listening to this type of rhetoric and they are not taking the next step and actually thinking about what it actually means.

Lets all stand up and make clear that any true Justice is one which applies to all, equally.

Rep. Paul Ryan on the debt

Rep. Paul Ryan (R – Wisconsin) has created a video where he spells out his take on our budget and what needs to happen to bring back fiscal responsibility. The numbers he shares are a shocker.

Also worth your time is Rep. Ryans response to some critics on April 5th.
His response is encouraging. If we can get members of congress more concerned with the work that must be done than worrying about re-election, we will all be better off.

Veronique de Rugy talks deficit and debt myths

Bloomberg had Veronique de Rugy in to discuss the United States economy and she spent some time debunking many of the deficit and debt myths out there. Take a look.